A career choice should never be influenced by peers or relatives. Medicine and engineering are no longer the only career options for students today. With the availability of better quality education, awareness, technology and the ever increasing and varied industry requirements, an individual can now choose the exact career path he wants to pursue based on his personal profile and interests. A career choice should be made after carefully considering every minute detail, situation, interest and scope. Unfortunately, most students fail to get this right at the right time and end up in courses and professions that neither satisfy their passion nor keep them motivated.

Jobstars India understands this grave problem and we provide expert career guidance to students on a personal basis. Our counselling follows a well-defined pattern that has proven immensely successful in the past. First, each student is evaluated based on his academic and professional profile, followed by an in-depth psychometric test and ultimately a personal counselling session with one or more of our panel of expert educators and counsellors.

Not only do we help you decide on what kind of career path you want to take up, but we will also closely guide you through entrance exam selections, preparation approaches, goals & objective settings and everything else required to bring you closer to your desired and deserved career.

Jobstars is associated with institutions offering courses in the field of Aviation. Hospitality, Travel, Information Technology and Customer Services.


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